6 Popular Types of Backlinks

Backlinks is one of the most effective SEO strategy that can help you increase your website ranking in the search engine result pages. And so, here we are providing you a list of most popular types of backlinks that you must consider for promising results. Check out the list below

Popular Types of Backlinks

Editorial backlinks

The terms Editorial refers to your own website which includes a link placed within the relevant, top-notch quality content which makes it an ideal type of backlink. Usually, this type of backlinks are create when your website provides a specific information be it in a form of an infographic or an article, when your company representative quoted or have been interviewed or even when your website includes a link roundup on a specific topic. In order to attract editorial backlinks, you will have to compose evergreen content demonstrating your status as a industry thought leader.

Guest Blogging backlinks

When providing well-established websites with the guests posts, you can also include an editorial backlink to your own. Guest blogging is valuable SEO strategy as backlinks from the well known guest blogging platforms will help you increase the DA and PA of the website.

Backlinks in business profiles

Create digital profiles for your brand on the business listing websites, social media platforms, industry directories as well as the reviews sites gives the opportunity to post the backlinks which makes it evident that your website is valuable and well established to the search engine crawlers.

Backlinks from the webinar

Webinars are known for providing valuable content to the sites in order to link to it, Make use of certain tactics for achieving a backlink

Free Backlinks tool

Free backlinks tool is an effective method to gain backlinks as well as attention of the users. In order to encourage backlinks, promote the tool with the sites targeting similar set of audience to your own and also focus on your guest blogging website targets.

Badge Backlinks

One of the wisest technique for earning backlinks is to come up with a badge to honor the various other brands for the recognition of their status and when those websites proudly flaunt your badges given by you, you will then get a backlink to your own.

And here the list of some of the popular types of backlinks that businesses must consider comes to an end. Hope, this article has been informative to you, do share your reviews about the same.

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