Best Online Games in Android

Gaming on Android, iPhones, and iPad is getting better every day. Also, there are tons of apps available on the Google Play Store that supports online gaming with multiplayer support. You get to play with people around the world. Unlike computers, you can carry your smartphone with you and can enjoy on-the-go with these games. So, here are our picks for the best online games in android.

5 Best Online Games in Android


Crashlands is a fantastically well-designed game that plonks your protagonist on a dangerous planet with a mission to build a base, defeat your enemies, and eventually escape back to space. The combat system is simple and fun and a streamlined inventory makes it easy to harvest resources and craft your base and items.

PUBG Mobile

We’re sure you’ve heard of PUBG Mobile, and we’re not even surprised. Since its launch, PUBGM has generated millions of downloads on the Play Store. It has been steadily holding the top position for the best mobile game and is not coming down anytime soon. For starters, you drop off on an island along with 99 other players playing in real-time with you. The goal is to survive until the last to win the famous Chicken Dinner.

Thimbleweed Park

The latest adventure game from legendary Monkey Island series designer Ron Gilbert, perfectly blends nostalgia with modern convenience: You control a pair of idiosyncratic FBI agents investigating a murder mystery in an equally idiosyncratic town, and in the mode of classic adventure games, you need to explore different environments, talk to quirky characters, and collect and use items in the right way to solve puzzles to progress.

Real Basketball

The game focuses on basketball lovers and fans. This game is among the best basketball games in the play store and it now gives you the facility to play in the multiplayer mode too. Show off your basketball skills in front of your friends through this game.

Re-volt 2: Multiplayer

Re-volt 2 is a very simple car racing game which will make you addictive in no time. The earlier version of the game did not support multi player mode but this latest release allows you to add your friends to the game. There are a number of cars and characters that can be easily customized at the player’s wish. So enjoy this ultimate racing game with your friends without paying a single penny.

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