Different types of marketing campaigns

Marketing campaigns means to promote the products and services through different media platforms radio, television, print, online, etc. After having so many marketing options, people have a habit of using the same marketing platform every time for different purposes as they think that the feature they found useful and effective will work the same way every time, but that is not true. Using different methods and different marketing strategies is more useful than sticking to the same method as it will be helpful in targeting the correct audience for your products. So let us see marketing campaigns types.

  1. Digital marketing campaigns:

This is the most commonly used marketing channel these days and the reason behind this fact is that this is the era when people spend a lot of their time on the internet so it is easy to make the product popular among the audience. Digital marketing basically includes the advertising, content marketing, social media marketing and all the required elements for the digital world. Online videos, social media accounts, online advertisements, etc are the ways to run digital marketing campaigns.

  1. Radio and Television campaigns:

These sources of marketing campaigns are used for a long time for advertising for the products and still many companies are using them as they are really effective. It is a fact that many older companies still use these channels for advertising purposes as there is an old generation who listen to radio and watch television and many new companies prefer digital marketing using the internet. However, old companies should try digital marketing experience and new companies should try advertising on radio and television.

  1. Outside the box campaigns:

This is one of the most unusual marketing campaigns types in which a video is made viral for the popularity of the product or the physical support is given to the product to make it popular among the audience to tempt them to try it out. The most common examples of out of the box campaigning is Tom; shoes and the company which dropped five thousand cards purposely in public areas.

  1. Direct mail campaigns:

Direct mailing can be the most effective marketing campaign to grow the business. However, some people believe that this is not the effective way to run a marketing campaign but this is not true. Direct mail campaigns areĀ  it much, so people receive less mails regarding promotions of the product and therefore the chances are more that they will check it.

So this is all about the marketing campaigns types which you should know about.

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