How to Get Water Out of iPhone Screen?

Are you get hacked with your iPhone speakers? Or else you have dropped your phone in water, if that is the problem, we are here to help you out water from iPhone speaker. I think its not the big issue that you’ve have stuck with that, we will give best tips on how to get water out of iphone screen.

There are lots of iPhone users are facing same issue from past three years and iPhone company are not trying to resolve their problem, even if they are good share in the market and they had lots of customers throughout the world.

Speakers are Damaged from Water

iPhone phones are marketed as waterproof devices and this company doesn’t recommend your phone wet from damage of water and that damage is not included in service warranty. Recently launched phones are coming up with waterproof devices and you don’t know is it really works properly or not. So, you always want to keep your phone will safely place and you have to protect properly because you have invested lots of money and once if damaged its cost expensive to repair.

How to Get Water Out of iPhone Screen

Below is the quick guide to remove water from speakers and there are two steps one from manually and another through Sonic app.

Step 1:

This is the successful tip that I am going to tell you and you can easily remove water from speakers. First switch off your phone and also remove bumper or any case from the phone. Then slightly remove the edges of phone and give some heat, where water has stuck. Another main thing you have to remove your sim first or else that will be got stuck.

Step 2:

Install the Sonic application to your phone, if you want to go for manual check then go to app store and download app and install in your device. After installing the app, give password or face id or whatever your device has capable with.

If the above tricks are not getting solved, use simple trick put your phone in a well dry room and leave it for 2 to 3 hours and that will work properly. This is the best trick that you can’t spend money when your water struck in speaker.

To conclude that, the above steps that we are given for how to get water out of iphone screen, that is the best solution to your device to get out of water. Thanks for reading our blog and keep on visiting our blog to get useful information on technology.

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