Mental Illness should be discussed about more often !

It is very important to understand what mental illness is. There are times when people are experiencing certain kind of emotional, physical or sometimes even psychological distress which they at times don’t share with others. It is just them who are going through such phase and they avoid sharing it with others.

In our life, we might have come across people with peculiar behaviours. They will feel happy at one time and the other moment they might feel emotional or extremely sad about something. Such people don’t have total control over their emotions. They cannot regulate their emotional responses or behaviours. These people might be exposed to certain conflicts in their relationships or some personal criticism they would have faced or some kind of abandonment.

Their challenges are overacting, bursts of anger, crying or accusing. All these kinds of behavioural traits will only lead to chaos or some kind of conflicts. Also these features are the results of high conflict personality.

When a human being is going through such situation, the most important thing that he or she needs is utmost care and understanding. It’s not an illness, it is a condition. There are various emotions which a human being can express throughout a day. Mental illness is an issue which is widely discussed. It is a very critical condition which some people face in their life. People with this kind of illness can be easily recognized by excessive fear, anxiety, anger and sadness. Some of their actions might be life threatening and might even harm someone else’s feelings.

Mental health matters more than anything else. We don’t know what one is going through unless and until he or she speaks up regarding their traumas. Also, it is necessary for everyone who is going through some mental disturbances, should realize that there is no need to be ashamed of talking about it. Discussing about it with your near and dear ones will help you resolve it and we all are in this together.

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