Positive impacts of Covid lock down on nature

We are aware of the increasing pollution across the cities worldwide and the reasons are known by many of us, still we do not bother. Every person wants to travel by his or her own vehicle and deny to use public transport which can bring a major difference in pollution level. This is the one example and many such examples you can notice in your daily life which contributes to affecting the environment in a negative way. All such activities are responsible for global warming which affects the earth in  great manner but nobody thinks about the global warming solution.

I feel we humans are facing the results of our own deeds through this coronavirus pandemic. There are many industries out there which emit tons of harmful gases into the environment. These gases, when more in quantity, cause global warming, due to which the temperature of the earth gets disturbed and every activity is interrelated to each other. The rise in temperature is responsible for the melting of glaciers which might lock a number of viruses in them in such low temperature that they cannot show their activity. But once the glaciers are melted, these lethal viruses can get release and come into the human environment and cause diseases. Now who is responsible for such disturbances in nature balance? Only and only we, Humans. 

When the worldwide lockdown happened, the water quality improved, air quality improved, the ozone layer hole healed for the first time in a long time, nature was breathing, dolphins were enjoying in water bodies without the human presence, birds and fishes were seen in Italy lakes as they were totally clean because of no human activity, etc. Overall it was the time for nature to get healed up when there is no human presence outside. This gave us the message that we should think about the global warming solution. 

No traffic movement, closed industries, no use of ACs, etc are the examples that if we think wisely and find the alternatives, we can save the ecosystem, save the wildlife and save the Earth. The things which are doing during lockdown can be done even after lockdown, not all but some for sure. Try to use public transportation, so that the pollution level can be manageable, do not ruin the water quality by throwing waste into it, less use of AC and more use of fresh air, etc are small activities which you can contribute to and these are the global warming solution to save the ecosystem.

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