Wix Review: The Best Things You Can Get

Wix is a very popular cloud-based website builder that enables users to create a professional website with just drag and drop feature. It is used by over 100 million users across 190 different countries. The popularity of Wix is due to the varieties of templates and customizations that comfort users to create a website with ease. In short, if you are a beginner and performing building of a website for the first time, then the WIX platform will surely help you build a with ease.

In this article, we will discuss all Wix and share some of the best experiences that we have received while using this cloud-based website builder. In the end, you will come to know the best things you can get from Wix. Let us continue reading the following below:

How and When Wix can be used?

As we have discussed before, we have come to know that Wix is a platform where you can build a website with just a drag and drop feature. But for which Functionality does this website really work? Wix basically can be used for creating a simple blog for your own, Small business, Cafes and Restaurants, Hotels and Hospitality, Photography, and much other small-scale business. On the other hand, if you are a complete fresher in this field, then Wix is the best platform where you can learn many things and create a website. You don’t need any back-end support such as coding or any programming language.

Pricing and Features of Wix:

When it comes to pricing, Wix is said to be free and paid as well. In the free version, you will get all the basic features of it, such as a limited number of free templates along with some basic drag and drop feature as well. In the free version, you won’t be able to get any kind of custom domain for your website, which means you have to choose the default domain name that Wix offers.

On the other hand, if you are opting for the feature of paid versions and willing to spend some currency, then you can go with the several plans that Wix offers with several other features as per its pricing. Let us check out the plans offered by them below:

  • Connect Domain – $ 4.50 Per Month

In this Plan, you will get 1 GB Bandwidth, 500 MB Storage, and connect with your domain as well. This Plan is for basic use for those who are freshers in this field and want to learn more.

  • Combo – $ 8.50 Per Month

This Plan provides you 2 GB Bandwidth along with 3 GB of cloud storage, free domain, customized favicon, and many more. This Plan is an up-gradation of the Connect Domain plan for those who can spend some extra bucks and take more features.

  • Unlimited – $12.50 Per Month

With all the same features mentioned in the above two plans, the Unlimited Plan comes with some extra features such as no Wix ads. This Plan is best suitable for entrepreneurs and freelancers.

  • eCommerce – $ 16.50 Per Month

As the name refers, this Plan is best for an eCommerce website who want to build their website for online shopping purpose. You will get all the premium features and tools in this Plan that is best for an online store.

All the above-mentioned plans are exclusively available for all the new and common users of Wix, and you can choose any of your plans as per your needs and create a professional website and host it as well. 

Once you are set with your Plan, you can now start building the website with the following method mentioned. In this way, you can create a website professionally:

  • Choose Wix ADI template:

After finishing the signup process, you will be directed to create a website within the Wix editor or the ADI tool. You can pick up and customize your favorite templates and start building a website.

  • Customize your website with Wix editor:

Once you select a template, you can customize your website as per your choice with drag and drop features. You can create a menu, change color, background image, and many more.

For better Functionality, use different Wix apps:

There is a Marketplace for Wix App that offers a variety of free and premium productive tools that can add the functionality of your website. Some of the few and popular apps available are Wix online store to turn your website a shopping platform.

  • Publish your website:

Now for the final step, you need your website publicly visible, so to do that, you have to click at the publish button from the top menu, and hence your Wix website will be published.

Wix is a great platform for everyone who wishes to create a website professionally with easy drag and drop feature. We hope the above-mentioned method article has helped you understand all about Wix, and you are now pretty sure about the best things you can get from Wix.

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