Women love playing games too!

There are many active gamers in this world. Many hard-core gamers like to send their time in gaming and explore new video games that are out in the market. The fun fact is female gamers constitute 65% of all the active games and also they love playing mobile games. Women are portrayed as those hard working housewives, but those days are literally gone. Now there are many girls who love playing video games and are official gamers.

When we introspect various types of high end games, we might notice that the women are underrepresented. There are many game icons in which we can only see tough boys representing the game. It is stated that many women have felt that less than 30% of the mobile games are made for women. Men can play three or more game genres but women would still stick to fewer games.

Realizing that there are many women who love playing video games, the gaming industry has been promoting diversity. They have been hiring many women game developers and that is considered to be a great start for the women oriented games to flourish. Gaming industry has promised to create more games which are geared towards women and match their interests.

There are many games which women love. They are Interactive Drama, Family/Farm Sim, Racing games and many more. Earlier female gamers had very less options but now there are many games which have been launched just for women and not only that there are many customizations which are available with new and strong characters.

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