7 best digital marketing apps

A digital marketing team includes a variety of experts, from content suppliers, social media consultants and other researchers. The routine and results in all these various tasks can be changed by a variety of applications. This is why we have assembled for the best digital marketing apps


It works like a to-do list, a simple Web application. You can separate your tasks by project, add notes and set priorities. It can be used by individuals or teams and can be used by a manager to distribute tasks to other team members. This tool is also available on iOS and Android and has recently launched a tool that proposes to reorganize late tasks, taking into account the work of the week and the competences of the users of this application.


It can be used to manage various projects and related tasks as well as to schedule plans for meetings, for example. You can designate each card for a team member by means of a digital card system, and you can communicate by making comments or sending archives or images.


The project management tool is one of the most used in the world. You can access the activities that every member of your team is currently working on. The delegation of tasks and priorities via Asana as well as communication via an online chat system are also possible.


You can create PowerPoint presentations with Cloudvote in a collaborative environment. Other members of your team can access your job while you are doing it and can communicate, exchange ideas or detect problems in real time, rather than prepare presentations on their own using Microsoft software.


SEMRush is one of the most popular tools in your area for searching and analyzing. This application allows you to compare various SEO data from your site with your competitors and offers reports on how you classify yourselves with specific keywords.

Google Keyword Planner

It’s a keyword tool for Google. SEMRush has the Keyword Planner to hunt for new keywords in other phrases and categories. You can conduct adword cost simulations through a list of keywords and learn, inter alia, about the amount of searches for any particular phrase.


This software is meant to evaluate the search data of your competition. It explores the past of the competition’s advertising and describes the features of their successful campaigns. You will find data with keywords for adverts purchased from Adworks for up to nine years and report any organic grading reached by these pages.

And here the list of best digital marketing apps comes to an end. Thank you for your time

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