It is very important to understand what mental illness is. There are times when people are experiencing certain kind of emotional, physical or sometimes even psychological distress which they at times don’t share with others. It is just them who are going through such phase and they avoid sharing it with others. In our life, […]

The World Health Organization declared the coronavirus pandemic as the international emergency. India Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi has declared complete lockdown in the nation to control the coronavirus spread. Most of the people are working from home and this is for the first time that people cannot go outside unless it’s urgent. 24×7 being

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Online shopping is very convenient and we can purchase items from the comfort of our own homes and work place. Shopping has become comparatively easier and also the transactions can be made and cancelled through internet. We can also opt for cash on delivery option while buying goods online. Shopping online will save your time

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Information is considered to be a fundamental right which every citizen in the country deserves. The owner of this right also has the right to demand correct information from the public and would want the journalists to convey the information truthfully. The public will always expect that the correct and precise news reaches them and

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